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Sunshine On Water

November 6th, 2017

Sunshine On Water

Sunshine On Water is one of my attempts at illustrating nature. Rich, deep blue sky reflected on a clear body of water and an intense yellow sun surrounded by gentle rays of sunlight.

One of the many perks that art allows an artist is the freedom to twist reality whichever way the mind permits imagination to run. I enjoyed this liberty when creating this art piece as I made the horizon an arc, gave the sky a bulge and twisted that sea/lake/river into a slant.

I splashed white and lighter shades of blue where I wanted to create an illusion of cloudiness.

This digital artwork, took me just about an hour to make and I savored every moment of its creation; I do hope that you'll love it as much as I do.

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate you greatly.

Cheers !


Choose Love

August 30th, 2017

Choose Love

I'm new to blogging; please bear with me if I don't measure up to proper blogging standards or netiquette.

Choose Love is a Digital Artwork that I created three days ago; it has a message/suggestive theme: would probably fall into the category of 'Art that Incites Or Suggests'.

I created this to pass a gentle message across, a message of choice and of love. Everyone should be aware of their prerogative to make choices for themselves and to pick what gives them even more freedom to live.

Hatred is the apparent opposite of love. For anyone who had been trapped in a cycle of hate and became liberated, there is full understanding of the imposing bondage it encircles its subjects with. It makes it impossible to think or breathe properly.

To hate, may have been a subconscious choice made due to some horrible experiences had in the past but a choice notwithstanding.

This artwork suggests in complete simplicity, to anyone who sees it, the idea of consciously picking 'love' between the two pivotal options of emotional engagement.

Both can consume the entirety of a person.
One can beautify and the other could torment the mind unto destruction.

With this artwork, I take a tiny step into becoming a part of the positive global crusade which spreads the message of love and kindness.

While creating this piece, my IMS {Image Manipulation Software} crashed so many times that I almost changed my mind about going through with it.

Finally, I was able to print my screen as the software crashed for the very last time. That screen shot is the background you see upon which text was placed.

The background is a digital painting which was created with dark colors and brightly colored hard lights in an attempt to produce a pervasive reflective patch.

I do hope that you will enjoy 'Choose Love' and choose to love, love and kindness; they will make our world a much better place.
Thank you for taking time out to read this, I appreciate you greatly.

Cheers !